Analytical Projects

| Background - LICW

Studies suggest that diction can reveal much about individual’s personalities. From a simple written paragraph, linguistic analysis can uncover an author’s thinking style, gender, age, emotional state, social standing, background, purchase behaviors and self-confidence level. 

LIWC stands for linguistic inquiry word count. It is a piece of computer software that counts how frequently certain structural words occur in a given text. Applying linguistic theory, I have used LIWC to analyze and uncover the strategic background of the following projects.


| Obama's State of The Union


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| Thought Leader Gregory Unruh

This word count analysis example of five thought leaders demonstrates the potential of such tools. The analysis counts the percentage that certain words occur in a given text. These tools give us insight into the headspace of each person, their communication style and the brand implications.

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| Blog Content Comparison Analysis

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