The digital world of Andrew Peter Carson. Curiosity. Armed & Lethal. From Newport, Rhode Island. Studied in Madrid, Berlin and Beijing - Thunderbird School Of Global Management & American University. References Clients Recommendations Proof Mohammed Abu Zeinab Stuti Vora Susan Mocarski Cleverhood Bari George Bike Newport Natalie Nasseri {President & Founder,}

Jungfraujoch, Switzerland. 2011.

Jungfraujoch, Switzerland. 2011.

Andrew is many things but among the most resonant qualities are creativity, amplification, and trustworthiness. In working with Andrew I see Mr. blank filler, Mr. Rejuvinating perseptive, and Mr. Connosseur for recognizing the opportunities in a plan and devising a tactic to succeed in them.

He is also a Circus Master of sorts at managing a team. Centric to people, he performs not for the sake of the task but for the identity of the team and true core values of the individuals and their collective mission. He gathers thoughts and galvanizes energies synergistically to ensure every sailor on our ship has ownership and is not merely a passenger. Under his watch and care, our identity flourished, as each member acknowledged one another and understood the dynamic of our collective unit. Andrew learns to adopt processes. Through his work alongside myself with TED and TEDx he learnt to appreciate, emulate and project my thoughts.
— Mohammed Abu Zeinab {TINKOpp, Founder}
Andrew is his own brand. He is extremely intelligent, cultured, and business savvy. His unique outlook on problems, and his equally creative solutions to these problems, have defined his mindset. Andrew is an incredible member to have on your team. He has a matter-of-fact way of making the most complicated tasks seem simple and effortless. He has an admirable talent for public speaking, knowing how to capture an audience and retain their attention. Andrew is also very skilled at creating PowerPoint presentations, complementing his delivery of presentations.

In addition to a plethora of strong skills, Andrew understands the importance of emotional intelligence. He has a relationship-oriented personality that is clearly visible through his love for other cultures and languages. Through a mixture of teaching himself and being taught, Andrew has amassed the knowledge of several languages, including sign language. His natural inclination to interact with others is enviable. He would be a great asset to any company. His strong interpersonal skills coupled with his academic and professional background make Andrew the perfect group member.
— Stuti Vora {IGeneX Marketing Manager}
Andrew did an immaculate, professional, and well coordinated job at leading a 3 person consulting team for, a crowdfunding website, to gain further insight into the demographics and psychographics of and competitors. He tackled the problem efficiently and analyzed the crowdfunding space, utilized multiple marketing research tools to triangulate cohesive conclusions, and produced a list of actionable insights and recommendations. As the scope of the project shifted, Andrew adapted the team to effectively tackle the most pertinent questions. Leveraging his business intelligence and marketing knowledge, Andrew utilized creative research methods for difficult to discover information that ultimately produced a logical and actionable report for
— Christopher Gresham {Strategic Planning and Marketing Manager}
Cleverhood is a unique company. From the garment itself to our mission. We need creative, organized, energetic and above all, fresh thinking which is exactly what Andrew Carson brought to our office.

Never short of creative thought, Andrew brought a wealth of marketing knowledge to our team. He is an original thinker and even on mundane research projects he tracked down inspiring, unique campaigns that helped steer upcoming projects. His passion and knowledge helped him to bring a lot fun and interesting ideas forward during his time with us. From his creative “clevergram” concept to striking new possible website formats, It was clear that Andrew is a solid contributor and spurred the rest of the team to dig much deeper.
— Susan Mocarski {Founder, Cleverhood}
Andrew Carson is a wonderful person to work with. His problem-solving skills allow him to see the whole picture from a bird’s eye view, being able at the same time to consider the small details within a project.

In addition, his passion comes from being a goal-driven worker, he is able to find a goal and do whatever it takes to get to that goal within the time estimated. Moreover, he is amazing at time management. Because of this skill, it is very difficult to see Andrew stressed concerning a project.

Finally, Andrew is a great leader. His commitment to anything that he is working on makes him transfer that passion to the rest of the team. He is assertive and transmits the tasks well, very direct and very responsible
— Lucia Mendez Del Rio Cabra {BBVA Panama}
We had the exceptional good fortune to secure Andrew Carson as an intern at Bike Newport this past summer. In addition to managing and growing our social media activity, Andrew created a fabulous new informational web site for a target audience of bicycling visitors to Newport. The new web site provided maps, event information and activity suggestions - and guided up to 600 cyclists each day to Newport’s summer festivals. Andrew is innovative, productive, motivated, strategic and a delight to have on the team. His curiosity opened doors we might have missed and his quick absorption of new information kept us at top efficiency. No question, if Andrew had not left to attend Business School, we would have encouraged him to stay on at Bike Newport. Working with Andrew is a pleasure both professionally and personally. We wish him well and congratulate anyone lucky enough to work with him.
— Bari George {President, Bike Newport}
Andrew Carson started as a Thunderbird intern for adsila in the spring of 2013 to lead and manage a complex research project. As the President of adsila, I had the distinct pleasure of working with and overseeing Andrew on a variety of initiatives. As soon as Andrew joined us, he exceeded our expectations by completing the challenging research project at a professional level. At adsila we rely on effective resource allocation, communication, and collaboration and Andrew performed a great job assisting me in all of these areas. Andrew is an outstanding intern with consulting qualities such as analytical insight and positive attitude to overcome challenges. He is resourceful and is able to analyze solutions rapidly and effectively.
I therefore strongly recommend Andrew as he will be a strong asset to any program or entity.
— Natalie Nasseri {President & Founder,}
I had a chance to work with Andrew while he was an Events Chair in Thunderbird Marketing Association (TMA). He always has new ideas to offer, has an ability to think on his feet and is sincere in his work. I could trust him to get the job done no matter how last minute it would be. I can count on him for improvisations on my ideas and flawless execution of the tasks at hand. He is charismatic, has a great sense of humor and is a pleasure to work with. Thanks for being on the team, Andrew!
— Hiral Jasani {President, TMA}