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Beyond Brand: Great Ads so far from 2014

Sometimes the ad goes beyond the brand completely.

Brand as Religion: Pioneering Examples in Brand Engagement

If brand were a religion, than these pieces would be the great works used to convert and inspire. These would be the cathedrals, artwork and idols created in pursuit of a higher purpose.

Advertising à la Minority Report

A recent marketing program set up by London based firm Renew was shut down, due to the controversy of the technology used. By installing new recycling bins around the city with the ability to grab a phone's unique MAC address as people walk by, Renew became able to hyper-target ads.

Obama’s State of the Union – A Linguistic Window Into His Strategy & Mindset

Using a linguistic analysis tool called LIWC, I have attempted to pull back the veil of the president’s diction and take a glance in-between the words. After analyzing his SOTU against his previous 4 SOTU’s, key patterns emerged from the data. These numerical nuggets each told a story of the president’s speech, his strategy, his commitment and his frustration.