The digital world of Andrew Peter Carson. Curiosity. Armed & Lethal. From Newport, Rhode Island. Studied in Madrid, Berlin and Beijing - Thunderbird School Of Global Management & American University. Brander, Marketer, Social Media Marketer, Vision Builder, Experience Architect, Creative Problem Solver, Language Learner. 

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Henna and Temporary Tattoos

I’ve realized recently that the majority of the henna tattoos that I have been giving myself have followed the format and intent of traditional permanent tattoos. They have stressed permanence.

Mobile App Concept: Slingshot

If NASA can sling a golf-cart sized probe to Mars in-between the paths of multiple careening planets, I should be able to slingshot myself into the ideal timed path to my destination.

An Open Letter - My Fascination with Language

The beauty in language and languages however is only just beneath surface. Take a deeper look. The beauty is passed over every single day.

The iPad Job Application - "The Andrew Carson Experience"

Action. Design an Experiential Job Application on an iPad. I decided to make use of my old, almost obsolete 1 generation iPad (trust me, it really is obsolete and only worth $50

FASTCOMPANY: How Curiosity Cultivates Creativity

I'm just gunna leave a link for this article here. 'nuff said.

How can we make them read cover letters? Encode them.

After sending out one outlandish job application (which received such strong praise & hiring-potential from employers) I decided to redouble my efforts. Cover letters can be such a hassle to read. I understand. Let's make them fun.

Unconscious Branding (book) - Initial Reactions

So right now I’m making my way though a book called Unconscious Branding by Douglas Van Praet and it shines a light on a lot of the problems with traditional marketing. He begins to argue that most of the traditional marketing tools only scrape the surface when it comes to unlocking behaviors and motivation.

An Application Catches Interview in 3 hours

Situation. New York City moves at a clip and so does the city’s professional class. Me. Minimal professional network or connections. Few leads or hot opportunities. Between applying online and looking for connections, my progress is extremely slow as the city can be extremely competitive.

Curiosity. Armed & Lethal.

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A  Conversation with Me

An Interactive "Pre-Interview" Video


Curiosity. As a young academic I was told I did not possess the mental aptitude for languages. I now have learned 8 foreign languages, lived and worked abroad in 3 countries, begun the process of publishing my own social media study and obtained 2 advanced degrees in Global Management and Branding from The Thunderbird School Of Global Management. These experiences have taught me the fruits of overcoming the expectations of others and the importance of allowing your curiosity to push your boundaries. Truly my natural curiosity is my best strength. It’s insatiable. It enables me to rapidly digest new information, decipher problems from every angle and throws me headlong in the search for what’s next.


Armed & Lethal. However the marriage of such curiosity with years of professional marketing experience turns the innocent puppy into a voracious German Shepard. From organizing the vision of a 500 person TEDx Youth with a 20 person staff over 11 months, overseeing successful marketing communications for multiple organizations and consulting for startup companies on their marketing & brand strategy, I enjoy a good marketing challenge. I bring to the table a background in quantitative marketing analytics (SEM, Google Analytics, AB Testing, Google Adwords, Marketing quantitative studies) but still understand the softer side of brand development and customer perception.


Past Branding & Marketing Projects

{Curiosity in action, armed with professional skills, delivering tangible results}


Chat with Previous Clients

{Proof of targets reached and value captured}

Never short of creative thought, Andrew brought a wealth of marketing knowledge to our team. He is an original thinker and even on mundane research projects he tracked down inspiring, unique campaigns
— Susan Mocarski {Founder, Cleverhood}
As the scope of the project shifted, Andrew adapted the team to effectively tackle the most pertinent questions. Leveraging his business intelligence and marketing knowledge, Andrew utilized creative research methods for difficult to discover information that ultimately produced a logical and actionable report for Razoo.com.
— Christopher Gresham {Strategic Marketing Manager, Razoo.com}
Andrew is innovative, productive, motivated, strategic and a delight to have on the team. His curiosity opened doors we might have missed and his quick absorption of new information kept us at top efficiency.
— Bari George {Founder, Bike Newport}
In addition to a plethora of strong skills, Andrew understands the importance of emotional intelligence. He has a relationship-oriented personality that is clearly visible through his love for other cultures and languages. Through a mixture of teaching himself and being taught, Andrew has amassed the knowledge of several languages, including sign language. His natural inclination to interact with others is enviable.
— Stuti Vora {Marketing Manager, IGeneX}
He is also a Circus Master of sorts at managing a team. Centric to people, he performs not for the sake of the task but for the identity of the team and true core values of the individuals and their collective mission. He gathers thoughts and galvanizes energies synergistically to ensure every sailor on our ship has ownership and is not merely a passenger.
— Mohammed Abu Zeinab {TINKOpp, Founder}

Core Capabilities

{Armed and ready to tackle marketing puzzles from every angle}

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