The digital world of Andrew Peter Carson. Curiosity. Armed & Lethal. From Newport, Rhode Island. Studied in Madrid, Berlin and Beijing - Thunderbird School Of Global Management & American University. Brand Management. Integrative Communication. Public Speaking. Project Management. Social Media Marketing. Google Analytics. Google Adwords. SPSS Market Study. Brand Architecture. Creative Problem Solving. Cross-functional Leadership. International Experience. Analytics and Insights.

Zion National Park, Utah. 2013.

Zion National Park, Utah. 2013.

| Brnd Mngmnt

Whether assessing brand vitality or identifying market perception and fit, I have vast experience in this amazing field. From my consulting work with crowdfunding platform to sustainability thought leader Gregory Unruh, I understand the ins and outs of brand development. Beyond that, I am passionate for discovering how brand can be enhanced to support business growth and success.

| Mrkt Rsrch

In my experience in gathering and analyzing customer insights, I have built up a customer-focused research style. This means through my experience with qualitative and quantitative tools (focus groups, interviews, standard SPSS market analyses, linguistic analyses and social media analyses), I structure research on a need-based customer oriented approach to uncover how products are actually being used in markets. By segmenting customers on need and not standard demographics, I uncover a more robust picture of product usage and reveal insights to how companies can target needs rather than segmented customers (who may not all be searching for similar product experiences). I have conducted research for, Gregory Unruh, Cleverhood, and taken numerous classes on analytical marketing. 

| Ntgrtv Cmmnctn

With extensive experience collaborating and integrating multiple channels and promotion methods, I am a well practiced integrative communicator. From planning TEDx to consulting for a marketing plan of a San Francisco startup, I have a depth of experience. Additionally, I worked with a local non-proft Bike Newport, being responsible for promoting events across all channels. I also developed multimedia marcomm campaigns (social media content, photos, posters, cards, competitions, engagement pieces, viral videos etc.)

| Crtv Strtgy

I have extensive practical knowledge with both procedural and applied creativity. Procedural creativity translates to running weekly creativity workshops for MBA students - giving me a deep understanding of team dynamics and innovative processes. Personally, I have developed strong applied innovation and ideation capabilities, being able to complex-problem-solve on the fly. Seeing a need at my b-school, I developed and published my school's underground digital newspaper - #tbirdlife (now read by 70% of the school, including administration). This demonstrates my passion to innovate and adapt creative solutions to gaps in the market. 

| Crssfctnl Ldrshp

During my time as TEDx Curator and Organizing Committee Team Lead, I was responsible for growing our team from the ground up (screening, interviewing, managing, motivating etc). I oversaw the progress of every department - PR & Communications, Youth Outreach, Sponsorship Procurement and Speaker Procurement. Additionally, for a consulting project with my b-school I was elected as consulting team lead. I managed MBAs from multiple concentrations (HR, Marketing, Finance etc.) and maintained client relations

| Ntrntnl Xprnc

Having lived in 3 counties (Spain, Germany & China) and learned 8 languages, I have developed a keen ability to adapt to new environments – recognizing and integrating outside perspectives. With over two years combined international experience, the bug for international travel has been planted.  Additionally, studying at the #1 school for international business has allowed me to work in groups with people from every culture in the world. I am almost more at ease in an international crowd, being able to adapt to different working styles and cultural viewpoints.  

| Pblc Spkng

Running weekly business improv workshops on creativity and communication, I am comfortable both in front of audiences and teaching public speaking. I also have experience with informational and persuasive presentations. I was part of finalist team of three people, presenting in front an esteemed panel of Latin American CEO's and Experts pitching an investment project in Colombia renovating the fresh-cut flower industry. Additionally, I consider myself a PowerPoint grandmaster - please view my portfolio to see more.

| Nltycs

I am working on publishing my thesis in The Journal of Computer Mediated Communication . My project was an analysis of social media usage and interpersonal skills. I developed a survey and online audio-visual interpersonal test (which measured name and face recognition ability). I have also worked on many other analytical reports, the highlights of which can be found in my portfolio. As far as numerical analyses, I have taken classes in SPSS and am completely comfortable using online social assessment tools such as google analytics (which I use daily).