Ancient Egyptian Branding

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Quick - name three ancient civilizations off the top of your head.

I'll bet that one of your top choices was Ancient Egypt.

No, I'm not a magician, I'm just an honorary Egyptologist - I've actually studied hieroglyphics before (they're quite fascinating). You most likely selected the Ancient Egyptians because they are some of the best brand managers the world has ever seen. Sound incredible and far-fetched? Consider: you have intimate knowledge based on an extinct language of a society that lived over 3,000 years ago. In the industry that's what we call market penetration and brand awareness. It's quite impressive.


You may argue this is mostly due to new age Egpytomania - however even in their heyday the empire was widely known, greatly feared and enjoyed large prestige throughout the known world. This phenomenon could be largely drawn to heavy export of Egyptian ideology and symbols - whose influence can be seen all over the Mediterranean today. 

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Most importantly, the empire cultivated a consistent, seamless idealogical framework that addressed every aspect of life. Although completely socially imbalanced by today standards, Egyptian culture was otherwise ideologically faultless.

Along with being technologically advanced, Ancient Egyptian society had an extensive use of allegory and symbols. Such devices were ideal to convey complex ideas about the Egyptian brand and as a bonus they are innately unhindered by linguistic barriers. These symbols were reinforced with impressive artistic and architectural achievements, the rumors of which spread throughout the ancient world. Last but not least, Ancient Egypt enjoyed a sense of brand exclusivity and authenticity based on its ancestral heritage.

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Listen, the Egyptian brand is recognizable, differentiable, powerful, consistent, unwavering, faultless in conveying brand message and retained an exclusivity and mystique that haunts our cultural consciousness today. Even in losing military superiority by not advancing from bronze to iron machinery, Pharaohs maintained brand - still boasting invincibility and heritage from the sun. They undoubtedly cultivated a strong brand, from which marketers can take a few hints.

Even as the death of the last great Pharaoh Ramses II gave way to the break up of the empire, Egypt was well aware of its brand. This fact is evidenced by the empire's desire to cling to the iconic Egyptian image of power through to the end - (see video clip below)

"3,000 years later, Egypt's golden empire is still conquering the imagination of the world"